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Quick Points

  • Fit: On Ear
  • Enclosure: Open Back
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Best For: iOS & Android
  • Noise Canceling: No
  • Microphone: No

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What Comes Inside The Box

  • Erzetich Thalia Portable Dynamic Headphones
  • OFC Cable
  • Wooden Cups
  • Erzetich Thalia User Manual
  • Safety Guide, Warranty Card

Our Score

  • 8.7

Reasons Why You Should Buy Them

  • Erzetich, a Slovenian-based company known for its handmade headphones, now comes with its premium portable Thalia model that allows you to take your favorite music with you
  • They have beautiful industrial looking design with powder-coated metal ear cup grills and headband, hexagonal-shaped wooden ear cups and screws everywhere that look old-fashioned and natural
  • Erzetich Thalia portable dynamic headphones have a solid build quality throughout that feels durable and can withstand several unexpected drops
  • Their lightweight design, plenty of headband adjustment levels and soft faux-leather ear pads make them perfect for extended listening sessions without any fatigue
  • 40mm Titan Coated drivers deliver open, wider, breathable sound with fast and clear bass, dynamic mid-range and crisp treble for immersive listening experience
  • These headphones are intended for mobile listening and tuned for portable and personal devices such as smartphones, mp3 players or tablets without the need for additional power
  • Available in three finishes suiting your taste and style: Tilia (an immersive dark, linden wood), Salvage (an airy light, recycled spruce wood) and Black (black painted wood with black cover)
  • Thaliá can fit both ways as each ear cup is independent and the left/right stereo signals are in the cables that connect to the bottom of each ear cup
  • Premium audio cables have silver-coated, oxygen-free copper wiring to keep the analog audio signal as clean as possible and prevent discoloration
  • Due to wired connection, there is no latency when watching high definition 4k videos or game content
  • No need to worry about recharging these headphones due to their battery-free design that provides unlimited playback, just plug in and listen
  • Thanks to the handcrafted design, you will have a worry-free listening experience for a couple of years, as Thalia headphones are fully serviceable, and all parts are easy to replace

Reasons Why You Should Avoid Them

  • Their greatest strength (open-back design) is also their greatest weakness, because of the open design they have very poor noise isolation and are not good for crowded environments
  • Another drawback of the open back design is that even at a moderate volume, the sound drains out considerably, which can bother the people around you
  • These are on-ear headphones and their ear cups are a bit smaller than other headphones, especially the over-ear models, and are not ideal for listeners with large heads
  • The Thàlia are tuned to deliver accurate sound quality, but if you like head-banging bass like Beats headphones, then these on-ears aren't for you
  • There's no way to connect these headphones wirelessly, you'll need to use connectors with new high-end smartphones, especially iPhones that come without a headphone jack
  • There is no dedicated app support like some of the high-end models of the competition on the ear, which means they will not be customizable to individual tastes
  • Erzetich offers cloth pouch to carry your headphones, this pouch can protect them from scratches and slight damage to the water, but not against falls and bumps
  • For $699, they are expensive on-ear headphones and are intended for certain users who admire the handcrafted designs and love to enjoy open, wider sound stage of open-back headphones


  • Innovative design and festival sound inspired by the goddess of festivity
  • Hand crafted portable headphones from quality wood and durable metals
  • Available in three finishes: Tilia (an immersive dark, linden wood) and Salvage (an airy light, recycled spruce wood) and Black (black painted wood with black cover)
  • Designed to listen to music with portable devices including DAP, phone, portable DAC, and tablet
  • 40mm Titan Coated drivers offer powerful sound quality
  • Lightweight design that you can carry around at any time
  • Fully serviceable to provide excellent sound quality year after year
  • Silver-plated oxygen-free braided copper wire with gold-plated connectors

The Specs That Matter


  • Headphone Fit : On Ear
  • Enclosure : Open Back
  • Weight Gm/Oz : 270 g (9.52 oz)
  • Foldable Design : No


  • Connectivity : Wired
  • Connect Multiple Devices : No
  • On Device Controls : No
  • In Line Mic & Controls : No
  • Voice Assistant : No
  • Companion App : No


  • Noise Cancelation Type : No
  • Sound Isolation : No
  • Echo Reduction : No
  • Sound Mode : Stereo


  • Water/Sweat Resistant : No
  • Waterproof : No
  • Heart Rate Monitor : No
  • Step Tracking : No


  • Battery Life : No
  • Auto Pause & Play : No
  • Auto Shut-Off : No

Technical Data

  • Driver Size : 40 mm
  • Driver Unit : Dynamic
  • Impedance (OHM) : 32 Ohm
  • Frequency Response : 20 Hz - 20000 Hz
  • Total Harmonic Distortion @ 90 dB : Less than 0.5%
  • Total Harmonic Distortion @ 100 dB : Less than 0.5%
  • Supported Codecs : SBC


  • Bluetooth Version : No
  • NFC : No

Noise Canceling

  • Noise Canceling Adjustment : No
  • Noise Canceling ON/Off Switch : No
  • Atmospheric Pressure Optimizing : No
  • Ambient Sound Mode : No

Audio Cable

  • Detachable Audio Cable : Yes


  • Microphone Feature : No


  • Battery : No


  • Connection : Wired
  • Audio : Yes
  • Microphone : No
  • Controls : No


  • Connection : Wired
  • Audio : Yes
  • Microphone : No
  • Controls : No


  • Connection : Wired
  • Audio : Yes
  • Microphone : No
  • Controls : No


  • Connection : Wired
  • Audio : Yes
  • Microphone : No
  • Controls : No


  • Connection : Wired
  • Audio : Yes
  • Microphone : No
  • Controls : No

TV & Home Theater

  • Connection : Wired
  • Audio : Yes
  • Microphone : No
  • Controls : No

User Manuals

Service & Support Info

  • Manufacturer's Warranty on Parts : 2 Years Limited Warranty
  • Manufacturer's Warranty on Labour : 2 Years Limited Warranty
  • Email :


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